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Tên sản phẩm: Chất cô đặc Sterocoll FD
Mã sản phẩm Chất cô đặc Sterocoll FD
Nhóm sản phẩm: Chất cô đặc
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Sterocoll® FD

Technical Information
Chemical nature
Aqueous, anionic dispersion of a copolymer
of ethyl acrylate and carboxylic
acids. This product does not contain
any plasticizers or solvents.
Areas of appl icat ion
Thickener for coating colours applied to
paper and board that conforms to foodcontact
Technical dat a
Solids content approx. 25 %
App.- viscosity approx. 20 mPa∙s
pH approx. 2.8
Density approx. 1.05 g/cm3
For detailed information see Specification
Data Sheet
Appl icat ions
Sterocoll FD is a synthetic thickener for
use in coating colours applied to paper
and board. It is used to increase the
viscosity and water retention of coating
colours and to improve their runnability.
Its composition is such that it is a particularly
appropriate choice for coated
paper and board that is intended for
food-packaging applications.
Sterocoll FD is easy to stir into coating
colours at the end of the mixing process,
when the pH of the coating colour
is alkaline.
If it is to be applied in the form of a
solution, it first of all needs to be diluted
down to a solids content of less than
4 %. The pH then has to be increased
to > 7.5 in order to allow the polymer to
Sterocoll FD is normally employed at
concentrations of between 0.5 % and
3.0 % (concentration as supplied, expressed
as a proportion of the pigment).
Customers have to carry out their own
trials when developing products that
contain Sterocoll FD. Its compatibility
with other ingredients, its stability during
coating and its effect on the ability of
coatings to adhere to different substrates,
etc., are affected by a variety of
factors which are too numerous for us to
take into account in our own trials.
We would advise stirring it briefly before
use if it has been in storage for longer
Customers interested in purchasing this
product in bulk should consult our Leaflet
on “The handling and storage of
polymer dispersions”.
Alkali required for a solution with pH 7.5,
expressed as solid NaOH as a proportion
of total solids, approx. 18 %

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