Defoamer Afranil SLO, 150kg/drum

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Chemical nature

Aqueous emulsion of a mixture of aliphatic hydroxy compounds.

Defoamer and stock deaerator for the pulp and paper industry.
Afranil SLO is supplied in the form of a milky emulsion which is easy to dilute with water.
Afranil SLO is a very effective defoamer and deaerator for paper stock. First and foremost, this defoamer for medium to
high temperatures can promote the agglomeration of small air bubbles and thereby improve deaeration to a considerable
extent. It is most effective at temperatures between 40 and 52 °C.
No alkylphenol ethoxylates are used in the production of Afranil SLO.

Technical data
Non volatile matter* 28 – 31 %
Apparent viscosity* 200 – 1500 mPa · s
pH*                           8.5 – 10.5
Density approx.          0.96 cm3

* For detailed information see Specification Data Sheet

Afranil SLO is a defoamer for medium to high temperatures, i. e. it retains its complete performance capability even in the medium to high temperature range between 40 and 52 °C.
A particular advantage of Afranil SLO is that it prevents hydrophobic substances from collecting on the surface of the
stock due to flotation. It also prevents foam from forming on the surface of the white water in the drainage trays.
Afranil SLO makes a great contribution to keeping the whole white water system free of undesirable substances.
The effectiveness of this product is demonstrated by the fact that large bubbles are initially formed, which then quickly collapse. Any foam that does form when waste paper is repulped remains clean.
Thus, this defoamer opens up areas that have traditionally not been open to emulsions: paper mills with a very closed cycle and high energy input (milling, hot dispersion) and grinding
Afranil SLO is also an effective stock deaerator. Adding Afranil SLO causes the stock on the wire or in the cylinder to drain more quickly, which gives rise to improved formation. Web breaks are less frequent, and there is a general improvement in paper quality.
As little as 0.02 % and no more than 0.1 % Afranil SLO, expressed as a proportion of the stock, is sufficient to deaerate it and prevent foam being formed at the surface.
The method by which Afranil SLO is metered into the stock can be adapted to suit all circumstances. In work with dilute emulsions the ratio of product to water should not be less than 1 : 3. It needs to be stirred well before use, and occasional gentle stirring helps prevent dilute emulsions from creaming. We have developed an automatic metering
plant for Afranil which offers a number of practical advantages.
If Afranil SLO is added to the white water undiluted, it must be added at a point at which the flow is sufficiently turbulent for it to mix.
The emulsion can be metered direct into the stock by means of diaphragm pumps or piston pumps, but progressive cavity pumps are more effective because they do not pulsate. The rate of flow can be measured with a magnetic- induction flowmeter. We would recommend diluting it on-line with
100 – 200 l/h of water downstream of the pump in a Lusap® static mixer.

Technical Information
Afranil® SLO RBU Paper Chemicals Europe
Emptying of tankers:
It is advisable to use low-shear pumps for discharging road tankers (see Recommendations on use). Because the last remaining portion of emulsion usually has to be forced into the tank with a large amount of air at the end of the transfer procedure with compressed air, severe foaming and the formation of specks can occur. This must be avoided.
For this reason, it is advisable to fit the filler pipe inside the tank in such a way that the filler bend leads to the wall of the tank above the maximum level of liquid. The product can then run down the wall and the air can escap without bubbling through the liquid.

Afranil SLO should be protected against direct sunlight and stored in a place which is cool but free of frost. Liquid
that has been allowed to freeze must be thoroughly homogenized before use.
To prevent creaming, an Afranil storage tank should be fitted with a slowly rotating stirrer (20 – 50 rpm, depending on the diameter of the tank and the design of the stirrer). It is sufficient to stir for about 5 minutes every three days in order to ensure complete mixing of the product. Constant stirring is
not recommended.
If there is no stirrer available to stir the product, care must be taken to ensure that, if a pump is used (see Recommendations
on use regarding suitable pumps), no air is introduced into the
product, as it would cause foam to form. The formation of foam during feed operations must be avoided and can be prevented by allowing the product to run down the tank wall or by feeding it back in below the surface of the liquid.
If foaming occurs, there is always the danger that larger agglomerates will form. The pumping frequency should be geared to the geometry of the tank.
If the product is stored in IBCs, creaming can become evident in the form of a seemingly dark layer at the bottom of the container. In this case the product can be rehomogenized by stirring; this will not impair the effectiveness of the
Because Afranil SLO, as an aqueous emulsion, can dry up if left to stand in an open container, the container must
always be closed again after product has been taken out. Dry remains of Afranil SLO can be removed very easily with hot water.
For storage tanks we recommend an aeration and ventilation vessel.
Afranil storage tanks should be cleaned at least every six months.
Based on our experience to date, the following materials are suitable for storage tanks, feed lines and pumps:
High-grade steels:
Material No. 1.4541 [V2A]
Material No. 1.4571 [V4A] and highergrade
Plastics: Polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, epoxy resin.

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