Etingal L Defoamer

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Tên sản phẩm: Chất phá bọt Etingal L, 200kg/thùng
Mã sản phẩm Etingal L Defoamer
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Chemical nature

Fatty acid polyether.
Odour: Weak, aromatic.
Active content: 100 %.

Areas of application
Versatile defoamer for the paper industry.
Etingal L is supplied in liquid form. It suppresses foaming in coating colours and in preparations applied to paper in the size press. It can also be used as a defoamer and stock deaerator in papermaking.

Technical data
Iodine colour value max.       6
Colour number                    0 - 400
Acid-number max.               8 mg KOH/g
pH-value approx.                 4
Density approx.                   0.99 g/cm³
App.- viscosity approx.         350 mPa·s

This information only indicates a typical property of the product and MUST NOT be taken as specification.

Etingal L is easy to emulsify. Emulsions of Etingal L do not have any tendency to cream unless they are left to stand for long periods. Etingal L is 100 % active and contains no diluent. It does not release any volatile substances or
flammable vapour, provided the temperature does not greatly exceed 100 °C, and no problems with odour can be expected.
Etingal L is long-acting. It is usually added at a very early stage in the process in order to prevent foam being formed from the outset.

a) Coating colours
Etingal L can be added to pigments when they are being made up into a slurry. It has to be added in such a way that it is able to disperse homogeneously.
It normally needs to be added at levels of only 0.02 - 0.03 %, expressed as a proportion of the pigment. The viscosity of coating colours can undergo a slight increase if Etingal L is added at levels in excess of 0.05 %. Etingal L cannot be used to defoam or deaerate coating colours once they have been
mixed, and Etingal S should be used instead.

b) Surface-sizing preparations applied in the size press
Etingal L is easy to use, and it can be added at any point during or after mixing.
It is usually sufficient to add 10 - 20 g of Etingal L per cubic metre of preparation.
We would recommend diluting Etingal L 10 : 1 with water before adding it to preparations that cannot be stirred vigorously before they are applied.

c) Papermaking
Etingal L is self-emulsifying, which means that it can be added to the stock direct by means of a drip feed or metering
pumps. It can also be added to the white water. In either case, the flow at the point at which it is added, or just
downstream of this point, should be sufficiently turbulent for it to be homogeneously dispersed. It should be diluted 1 : 10 (Etingal L : Water) with water if it does not pass through any
zones of turbulence. Generally speaking, less than 0.05 % is required, expressed as a proportion of the fibres.
There is a danger that sized paper will be desized if it is added at concentrations above this level.

The solids have an occasional tendency to crystallize out of solution at temperatures below 10 °C, but they can be reconstituted by heating the liquid to 60 °C.
This product should not be stored at temperatures below 10°C.
Storage stability: 1 Months

On the basis of our experience, we would recommend the following materials for pipes, pumps and tanks.
Stainless steel: AISI 316 Ti, AISI 321 or other high-alloy steels
Other metals: Aluminium
Plastics: Polyester such as Palatal®, PVC and polyethylene.

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