Phẩm đỏ Pergasol red 2B-Z, 25kg/thùng

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Tên sản phẩm: Phẩm đỏ Pergasol Red 2B-Z
Mã sản phẩm Pergasol Red 2B-Z
Nhóm sản phẩm: Phẩm màu cho giấy bìa màu
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Pergasol® Red 2B-Z Liquid

Chemical nature
Diazo dye preparation.
Physical form: red liquid
Ionic charge: anionic
Low-temperature stability: Not resistant
to frost
Areas of appl icat ion
An economical, anionic, bright, bluish
red liquid direct dye for the coloration of
paper and paperboard.
Technical dat a
App.- viscosity* <= 100 mPa·s
pH- value* (as
supplied) 7.0 – 9.5
Density 1.0 – 1.2 g/cm³
* For detailed information see Specification
Data Sheet
Appl icat ions
Pergasol Red 2B-Z Liquid can be used
in a wide variety of paper grades, including
woodfree printing and writing
grades, toilet tissues, viscose film and
in waste-based packaging grades such
as corrugated board. This product can
be used as a single addition or in conjunction
with other Pergasol dyes to
achieve accurate on-line color control.
- Easy to handle liquid dye
- Urea free formulation
- Excellent oxidative bleachability
- BfR approved (formerly German
BgVV )
- German Azo ordinance approved
- Nordic Eco labeling approved
- EU eco-label for copy & hygiene papers
- Blue Angel approved
Storage facilities: Store in a cool, dry
area with adequate ventilation
Segregation: No special precautions
Storage Conditions: No special conditions.
Sensitive to heat over 60 °C. Sensitive
to cold under 0 °C.
Paper Chemicals Division
67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany
The data contained in this publication are based on our current knowledge and experience. They do not
constitute the agreed contractual quality of the product and, in view of the many factors that
may affect processing and application of our products, do not relieve processors from carrying out their
own investigations and tests. The agreed contractual quality of the product at the time of
transfer of risk is based solely on the data in the specification data sheet. Any descriptions, drawings,
photographs, data, proportions, weights, etc. given in this publication may change without
prior information. It is the responsibility of the recipient of our product to ensure that any proprietary rights
and existing laws and legislation are observed.
Edition: November 2009
This data sheet will be rendered invalid if it is superseded by a later version. ® = Registered trademark of BASF SE
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