Xút vảy 99%

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Tên sản phẩm: Xút vảy 99% Thiên Tân
Mã sản phẩm Xút vảy 99% Thiên Tân
Nhóm sản phẩm: Xút vảy 99% (NaOH 99%)
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Xút vảy 99%
Xuất xứ: Thiên Tân
Đóng gói: 25kg/bao
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  • Specification

Caustic Soda: flakes, pearls, and solid





















  • Chemical Formula NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide)
  • Appearance : White


  • Odour :Odourless
  • Packing
    Flakes/Pearls: 25kg net weight of 3-layer pp&pe bag or as per customer’s requirement.
    Solid: 200kg net weight of 90cm iron drum or as per customer’s requirement.
  • General Description
    Caustic soda solid (flakes/pearls/solid):
    White substance, hygroscopic, odourless;
    Easy dissolves in water with heat release;
    Soluble in methyl and ethyl alcohol;
    Insoluble in ethyl;
    Not volatile, but it rises easily in air as aerosols;
    Boiling point: 1390°C
    Melting point: 318°C
  • Applications :Used in petroleum industry for the refining of petroleum products, chemical industry for dye stuff manufacturing, aluminum metallurgy for rubber reclaiming, detergents manufacturing, pulp industry for chemical treatment of wood, soap industry, textile pulp fibers viscose process, etc.
  • Storage :Should be stored in dry storerooms, separate from the normal work area, separate from materials that react violently with, such as acids, water, organohalogen compound, zinc, etc.



  • Quality Standard :Caustic Soda 96% (flakes/solid/pearls): GB209—93 ;
    Caustic Soda 99% (flakes/solid/pearls): GB/T4348
  • IMO Class&UN No. :1.IMO Classification: 8 – Corrosive ; 2.UN No.: 1823
  • Soda Ash : Light: 99.2%; Dense: 99% ; Packing: 50kg PP bag or as per customer’s requirement
  • Calcium Chloride :Specification: 72-96% ; Packing: 25kg/50kg PP bag or as per customer’s requirement

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